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Truckxi’s business solutions help customers implement and streamline their supply chain management through cloud-based integrations, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and data analytics. We created an all-in-one solution for our B2B2C clients, touching every single part of the management system.

Our Business Solutions

  • Cost & Efficient Warehouse Inventory Management
  • All-In-One Point Of Sales and Payments Integrations
  • E-Commerce: Mobile and Web Apps Scalability
  • E-Logistics: Post-Loads-Find-Vehicle and Post-Vehicle-Find-Loads

4-In-1 Supply Chain Logistics

A profitable business is closely linked to the performance of its supply chain. By focusing on a properly designed supply chain strategy, you will be able to achieve commercial goals and consequently, corporate success. The following are part of our 4-in-1 supply chain logistics cloud:

TRUCKXI-ERP: Supply Chain Management

This is a cloud-based solution that effectively integrates all parts of the supply chain, from warehousing to AP/AR integrations.

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    • Presidential Dashboards & Functional Dashboards For Profit Analysis, Single Sign-On Multiple ERPs

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    • Streamline Warehouse Management (WMS), Order Management (OMS), Transportation Management (TMS) 
    • Integrating E-Commerce Apps, Point Of Sales (POS), Wechat Mini Program

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    • Customized Operating Statements For Purchase, Sales, Price, Performances, Account Receivable & Payable Reconciliation
    • Integrating Accounting Systems

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    • Integrated Logistics Mobile App for Routing and Dispatching 

TRUCKXI-OAO: E-Commerce Apps

Strengthen your business online and offline with our e-commerce apps for mobile and web.

TRUCKXI-POS: Point of Sales and Payment Management

Enhance and streamline your Point of Sales operations with integrated all-in-one payments.

TRUCKXI-CNT: E-Logistics Cloud Solutions

Ensure timely and efficient deliveries with our e-logistics social platform. Shippers and carriers will easily locate loads as they go, reducing deadhead miles.

Choosing the Best Retail Point of Sale System for Groceries and Supermarkets

Unlike other retailers, grocery stores and supermarkets have unique business requirements that require specific point of sale (POS) system features so     they can operate effectively. To save you the trouble of paying for unnecessary or complicated features, we have compiled the crucial POS functions that every supermarket should have.

Inventory Control

It is critical that you ensure the accuracy of your inventory especially since you have to monitor products with shorter shelf lives. If you order too much, you risk wasting items that don’t get sold. On the other hand, if you order too little, you might not meet the demand of consumers and in turn, lose loyal customers.

The best POS system should allow you to keep track of the products you have in stock while automatically removing items that have already been sold. You should also be able to track bulk items more effectively. These are typically harder to manage since they are sold by weight.


Scale and Scanner Integration

A POS system that integrates seamlessly with NTEP-certified scales is important since grocers are one of the few retailers that sell products by weight. This allows supermarkets to get precise and correct pricing for the exact weight of produce, deli orders, and bulk foods. Having your system integrate with bar code scanners is also more efficient since both the cashier and the customer can see the exact price on the screen.

Loyalty Program

Retaining your current customers is more cost-effective than trying to obtain new ones. By implementing a program to reward loyal consumers, you can increase average purchases and provide incentives for customer referrals. This also allows you to regularly keep in touch with your consumers through targeted marketing. You should integrate your POS system to the program to easily scan loyalty cards for rewards redemption.

Back Office Reporting

Your POS system should allow you to quickly and easily pull reports on sales, labor, and inventory at any given time. Having this data readily accessible provides valuable insights into your business and allows you to predict future sales, manage labor more effectively, and know when and how much to order to maintain your inventory levels.

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Having the best retail POS system in place not only ensures that your supermarket operates efficiently and profitably but also increases the chances of a good return on investment (ROI). Contact us today and get all the essential software to improve your business.